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Medications & Kidneys...

...platinum hits to the gong show...


Which Arrangement is Best?


  • The 'air waves' are filled with many medications for CKD and related needs.

  • Of course, there is no one drug that can do it all.  Some prefer 'jazz', others like the 'symphony'.

  • Sometimes a 'solo' will do just fine, but, often a 'quartet' is required.

  • In the diabetic, following strict orders with sugar control meds cannot be understated.  Maintaining 'pitch perfect' levels is vital.

  • Remember, hypertension (high blood pressure - abbreviated HTN) can be both the cause and the result of CKD, so, medications to keep pressure numbers in 'check' are critical to slow disease progression and modify risk.

  • The diabetic that has CKD and HTN may be losing large amount of protein - so certain kinds (classes) of drugs are used in prescribing the right 'composition' for these patients.

  • 'Chiming' in with the class of ACE (angiotensin converting enzyme inhibitor) is the class of ARB (angiotensin receptor blocker) in proving useful for the diabetic with CKD & HTN.

  • Both classes have been found to be 'keynote' performers in decreasing not only the HTN, but also the protein loss.  This often results in slowing the progression of CKD.

  • Many times your doctor must 'spin' several of these medications at the same time to find the right 'beat'.  Be sure to follow his/her advice so your 'billboard chart' is at its best!



A Riff?


  • Some medications fit into our 'gong show' group!

  • Depending on the stage of CKD, medicines that might otherwise be of benefit may now cause harm.

  • Well known culprits are anti-inflammatory medications - such as ibuprofen and its relatives.

  • Especially as CKD progresses, meds like these may cause the kidneys to 'spin off track' much more quickly.

  • In some cases, patients who have no previous diagnosis of CKD can be thrown into a 'funk' causing a state of acute kidney injury (AKI) while exposed to these drugs.  This is especially true in people who have lost large amounts of fluid (i.e. dehydrated).

  • Consult the 'maestro' (your doctor) to be sure you're not taking medications that will damage your kidney function.



Nature's Song


  • Various herbal and natural preparations often found in health food stores should be approached with caution.  At times a bad 'vibe' can be produced when patients with CKD take these products.

  • Just because these items are bought without a prescription, they are still "drugs" that have an impact on your body and must be monitored closely.

  • As in every circumstance regarding medications, your doctor is the best 'DJ' to 'conduct' proper evaluations to determine the ideal 'mix' for you!

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