Chronic Kidney Disease...

...reception starts to fade...


Static In the Air Waves


  • CKD is best described as abnormal functioning or structure of the kidneys – somewhat like the ‘sour note’ in a song.

  • Stages of the disease are used to indicate severity.

  • Abnormal function could be mild - a ‘note off key’ (Stage 1).  It could be severe - failure to ‘make a sound’ (Stage 5).

  • The ‘off key’ folks (usually Stages 1 & 2) can often be brought back ‘on track’ by following appropriate medical advice especially regarding diet, medication, blood pressure control and diabetes management.

  • The folks no longer able to ‘make music’ have arrived at Stage 5. They require aggressive support such as dialysis or transplantation.

  • The in between Stages (3 & 4) may require special intervention to stabilize their disease process.  It may be best during these stages to have a kidney doctor (nephrologist) to monitor your care.

  • Unfortunately, others in these stages may continue toward failure, despite active treatment.


Disappointed Fans


  • Crowds of people are affected by kidney disease.

  • A current study from 2013 suggests as many as 6 out of 10 will be ‘singing off key’ (develop CKD), at some point in their life.

  • Presently, there are approximately 1 in 8 people in the U.S.A. with some stage of the disease.  25-26 million people are currently identified in this group.

  • 65% of these people, aged 20 years or older, already have stage 3-4 disease, but only 3-5% of them are aware that they are affected.  The rest don’t even realize they are missing the ‘concert’!

  • Almost 600,000 ‘fans’ are disappointed to realize ‘the show’ has been cancelled.  They have Stage 5 disease.

  • Fortunately two ‘rain dates’ have been offered – with 350k attending dialysis and the rest getting a ‘ticket’ for transplant.