'Read All About It' 

Local Talent...
  • The Eastern Regional Kidney Foundation (ERKF) began helping Ohio’s Mahoning, Trumbull & Columbiana counties in 1979.

  • Unlike many other charitable organizations, the ERKF is a totally ‘independent label’, deriving no support or funding from any other source besides generous contributions of area supporters.

  • No major ‘producers’ or ‘agents’ (like the NKF – National Kidney Foundation, or government agencies) means ALL monies donated stay within the tri-county area.

  • The board members have various backgrounds, providing a gifted ‘mix’ of support to the organization.

  • Members of the board are all volunteers supporting the ‘band’ free of charge.​


Our Gig...

  • Along with various other functions, the primary mission of the foundation is threefold.

    • AWARENESS…Promoting community awareness of CKD (Chronic Kidney Disease) – the ‘sour notes’ that seem to ‘pipe up’ in too many songs.

    • GRANTS…Assisting those who have ’lost their voice’ or can no longer make it to ‘rehearsal’; the foundation provides grant monies for transportation to those in need.

    • FUNDRAISING…Supportive funding for ‘artists’ that got the ‘lucky break’ (received a transplant), but need help with medication expenses.

  • ​The ONLY beneficiaries of the ERKF are the financially needy - those strapped with the soaring cost of medications, gasoline and food.

  • Often these individuals would have to choose between buying food or medication, and/or putting gas in their cars to get to their treatments.

  • A great many of the recipients are those that would normally fall through the cracks of a larger charitable organization and/or government programs.

  • The ERKF divides an average of $25,000.00 - $30,000.00 per year amongst those patients who meet strict financial criteria required to receive a grant.


  • Join the ‘group’ to help with the mission of the foundation:

-Go ‘on the road’ with the ERKF.

-When you give to the ERKF, you may be giving to ONE OF YOUR OWN. Remember, 6 of every 10 of US may develop some form of CKD in our lifetime!