Healthy Kidneys...

...where the music begins...


The Musical Score


  • We have 2 (two) kidneys which are bean shaped.  [Note this is the shape of our mascot ‘The KiD’.  He’s the D.J. of our station ‘WKiD’ – The Bean.]

  • These two bean shaped organs are in the area just below the rib cage.

  • The top of the kidneys sit at a level between the 11th & 12th ribs.  Each can be found on either side of the spine.

  • The kidneys are protected by layers of fat and muscle, and, are wrapped in a special material.

  • An artery (tube carrying blood from the heart) enters the kidneys.

  • A vein (tube carrying blood back to the heart) leaves them.

  • Basically, the arteries bring “dirty” blood to the kidney to be cleaned (filtered) and the veins bring the “clean” blood back to your circulation.

  • Once inside the kidney, close to a million tiny “filters” process the blood.

  • The filters are called nephrons

  • The nephrons make up the main ‘orchestra’ members.



The Symphony


  • Each nephron is connected to an ‘instrument’, which is called a glomerulus.

  • These ‘players’ eliminate waste (‘sour notes’) and make sure the ‘symphony’ stays in ‘tune’.

  • About 50 gallons of blood per day are sent to your kidneys for filtration.

  • In addition to getting rid of waste, the kidneys are responsible for keeping other ‘instruments’ in ‘key’.

  • The kidneys keep bones and teeth healthy by maintaining calcium and phosphorus in balance.

  • Part of staying in ‘tune’, the kidneys hold on to vital proteins so they are not eliminated during the filtration process.

  • Kidneys assist with ‘directing’ red blood cell production.

  • By regulating salt and water levels, the kidneys help keep blood pressure controlled.

  • The ‘finale’ is the production of urine, which allows a balanced ‘performance’ – eliminating the ‘sour notes’ and allowing for all the ‘orchestra’ sections to ‘play’ in perfect ‘harmony’!!